Peace of Mind, Pet Care and the Holiday Season

Pet Care When You’re Away: Expert Tips for Your Peace of Mind

Adorable puppy in a festive Santa hat, capturing the holiday spirit and peace of mind, comfort of your pet during the festive season

Now is the perfect time to prepare your pet for the upcoming holiday season, ensuring that your furry family members enjoy a tranquil and worry-free experience. In this guide, we’ll discuss the importance of providing peace of mind, pet care preparation to guarantee your pet’s well-being when you’re not at home.

Finding a Reliable Pet Sitter for Peace of Mind

Find a pet sitter with a team you can trust. Your pet sitter should be reliable, insured, possess glowing references, and have a backup plan in case of an emergency. No one wants to rush home from an out-of-town Thanksgiving dinner due to a sitter falling through.

Ensuring a Smooth Introduction:

Book a few drop-in visits or some walks if you’re booking with a pet sitter for the first time. This ensures that your pet becomes familiar with their sitter, resulting in reduced stress when you’re away.

Comfort and Familiarity: Peace of Mind Pet Care through Routine Replication

Make a list of behaviors your sitter should be aware of, likes, and dislikes, and make note of things such as their bedtime rituals. Your sitter can replicate them to make your fur baby feel as comfortable as possible!

Secure Medical Care: Inform Your Veterinarian 

Call your veterinarian to inform them that your pet will be in the care of a sitter. Let them know your sitter’s full name so they can authorize any emergency medical care. If possible, place a credit card on file with your veterinarian.

Emergency Preparedness: Update Contacts and Itinerary

Make sure to update your emergency contact info in case you cannot be reached. Also, consider sending your sitter a basic itinerary with flight times and numbers, hotel names, etc.


If you need a sitter, Outward Bound Hounds is here to help and we hope you enjoy your holiday season!Get Started  




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