Top 5 Professional Pet Sitter FAQs

Professional Pet Sitting for Montgomery County, MD

Professional Pet Sitter FAQs

Professional Pet Sitters serving: Montgomery County, Gaithersburg, Potomac, North Potomac, Rockville, Bethesda, Germantown, Clarksburg, MD

Payton Meader
Payton Meader
Outward bound hounds is so amazing! My special needs dog doesn’t like anyone and they worked with her to get her comfortable and we’re both so happy!!!
Claudia Burgos
Claudia Burgos
We're so lucky to have found Outward Bound Hounds! Their professionalism, expertise, and love for what they do was evident from the moment we first spoke. Our pup loves Regina, and she is happier and calmer after getting a great workout with OBH. Highly recommend hiring them for your dogwalking and pet sitting needs!
Bridgette Elks
Bridgette Elks
My girl, Evie, is not an easy pup. She can be weary of strangers and intimidating. My boy, Applesauce, is a bull headed, sweet tempered meathead with a penchant for escaping. I’d call him a Houdini, but he’s just not that smart, bless his smooshy face. Regina took their quirks in stride, literally. 🙂 I feel very lucky that I don’t feel guilty leaving the dogs behind, they have their adventures while we are having ours
Chip Holcher
Chip Holcher
Outward Bound Hounds is phenomenal!!! I trust the team with my home and my dog. Those are two extremely important things to me. Outward Bound Hounds has been walking and watching my pup for over three years. Every year on my pups birthday, he is remembered and he gets a little gift and card. Very reliable, responsive and as important as everything else, caring. I highly recommend Outward Bound Hounds!

If you are a pet owner, chances are you spend a lot of time worrying about how to provide them with only the best. The best food to feed them, the best veterinary care, even the best shampoo to keep their coat smooth and shiny. What about when it’s time to take your next trip and aren’t able to take your fur baby with you? There are many things to consider when choosing the best caretaker for your pet, and we want to help make that decision a little easier for you! Here are some common questions about why a professional pet sitter might be the best option for you and your furry family members. 

Q: What is a professional pet sitter?

A: A professional pet sitter is someone who has experience in providing the best care for your pet. They are insured, use a pet-sitting service contract, have cleared a criminal background check, and stay up to date on the latest pet-care information through continuing education. They are also equipped with emergency backup plans, as well as holding certifications such as pet CPR and first-aid. 

Q: Why should I choose a professional sitter over a “hobby sitter”?

A: The biggest reason to pay for a professional pet sitter is that they will provide you with more peace of mind. You can rest easy and enjoy your trip because you know they have the experience, training, and responsibility to make sure your pet gets the absolute best care while you’re away. A neighbor or friend may not have the same ability to come up with a backup plan if they become sick or injured while caring for your pet. 

Q: Do all pet sitting companies hire their own employees?

A: If you chose to upgrade from your neighbor’s kid to a pet sitting company, be sure to ask them if they use independent contractors or employees. At Outward Bound Hounds, professional pet sitters are official employees that are bonded as well. Furthermore, we possess the maximum amount of general liability insurance and our employees are covered under our worker’s compensation policy.

Q: What’s the difference between Independent contractors and Employees?

A: Professional Pet sitting companies who hire employees typically offer more consistent and reliable service. Their prices may be higher because there are more costs associated with employee training, benefits and retention. But companies with employees are able to train their staff to follow procedures and hold them accountable for the highest standards of care. 

Independent contractors cost companies far less, but they are legally forbidden from following standard operating procedures and can perform their job responsibilities however they want to.

Q: What questions should I be asking when hiring a pet sitter?

A: Ask what experience that person has, ask what their backup plan is, ask what their emergency plan is, what education they have completed to make certain your pet is their number 1? They should be educated, possess current business permits, use a contract, provide background checks, provide insurance, and bonding and be trained in pet first aid & CPR.

Remember- the right pet sitter will always go above and beyond to make sure they get to know your pet’s needs and make your pet their most important priority. No matter who you choose to care for your pet, it is important to consider your wants and needs and how that company plans to meet your expectations. Outward Bound Hounds is here to offer great quality care for you and your pet!

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