Structured Socialization: Snack-walk and Train (Pack Walking)

Snack Walk and Train (Pack Walking)

Yes, snack-walk! Emphasis on the “snack”  

Pet owners participating in a rewarding Pack Walk Snack Walk, walking with their dogs in a scenic setting

Welcome to our Snack Walk and Train (Pack Walking) experience. Have you heard about a Pack Walk Snack Walk? If not, allow us to introduce you to the Snack Walking experience, where we emphasize the “snack” in this delightful journey. If you’re a pet parent, looking for an opportunity for your furry friend to walk, socialize, and receive mental stimulation, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll explore why your dog could benefit from this unique approach. We’ll discuss why having a structured environment is key, the science behind pack walks, and what Snack Walk and Train is not. Let’s dive into the world of rewarding walks and socialization for your beloved pets.

Snack Walk and Train: A Fun Adventure for Local Dogs

  • Pet parents with one dog per human.
  • Local doggies who love to walk.

Who Can Join: Pet Parents and Local Doggies

  • Dogs working on reactivity are welcome, but if you have any questions about if this is right for your dog, call us and we’ll help you out

Leashes should be 5-6 ft in length (no retractable leashes) to keep everyone safe. 

The Benefits of Snack Walk and Train for Your Dog

  • (For dogs) Mental Stimulation, confidence building, desensitization, leash manners, structured socialization, Exercise.
  • (For Pet Parents) Confidence Building, Learning to read your dog’s body language, Get tips from a walker and a trainer, Structured Socialization, Exercise. 
  • (Us) Getting to know pet parents and their fur children. Introducing ourselves to the community.

Structured Environment for a Rewarding Experience

  • Dogs walk in a long line at first. With around 6ft of spacing in between each dog. By the end of the walk, some dogs bunch up together as walking buddies and some dogs just enjoy the camaraderie of the walk from a safe distance. 
  • We want this to be a rewarding experience for all dogs! Bring their favorite treats to reinforce good behavior!
  • Some dogs are more toy motivated than food motivated so bring whatever makes your dog the most happy
  • No dog introductions face-to-face
  • The key to a successful pack walk is the rhythm of the walk – as long as we’re moving, things will go great! We move at a casual pace that works for most fitness levels.


Following the rules will guarantee a successful experience

Every dog is different: Some dogs will walk side-by-side after the first 15 minutes, but other dogs may need a few pack walks to get there. Go at your dog’s pace

Science Behind Pack Walks: Satisfying Your Dog’s Socialization Needs

Dogs have a strong instinctual need to socialize with and explore the world. As we know, many dogs are reactive to other dogs, but these dogs still have a need to get out and socialize. Pack walks satisfy this need. Dogs can safely socialize without physically interacting. Even though the dogs are not physically touching each other, they can smell and see the other dogs, which is still considered socialization.

Walking provides the dog with a lot of mental stimulation

What Snack Walk and Train Is Not: 

  • Time for your dog to “meet” new dogs
  • Playtime

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Xigrid Boykin
Xigrid Boykin
I am so grateful we found Outward Bound Hound! Regina and her team are exceptional! They are professional, reliable, and caring. Regina goes the extra mile, and I feel peaceful knowing our puppy is in good hands when we are away. Highly recommend!
Heather Kurey
Heather Kurey
Outward Bound Hounds is a fantastic service for pet care. Regina (business owner) is responsive, reliable and resourceful. She thoughtfully puts together care with the pet and pet owner needs in careful consideration. She is communicative, respectful and understanding. Our experience over the past year has been great. Highly recommend!
Payton Meader
Payton Meader
Outward bound hounds is so amazing! My special needs dog doesn’t like anyone and they worked with her to get her comfortable and we’re both so happy!!!
Claudia Burgos
Claudia Burgos
We're so lucky to have found Outward Bound Hounds! Their professionalism, expertise, and love for what they do was evident from the moment we first spoke. Our pup loves Regina, and she is happier and calmer after getting a great workout with OBH. Highly recommend hiring them for your dogwalking and pet sitting needs!
Bridgette Elks
Bridgette Elks
My girl, Evie, is not an easy pup. She can be weary of strangers and intimidating. My boy, Applesauce, is a bull headed, sweet tempered meathead with a penchant for escaping. I’d call him a Houdini, but he’s just not that smart, bless his smooshy face. Regina took their quirks in stride, literally. :) I feel very lucky that I don’t feel guilty leaving the dogs behind, they have their adventures while we are having ours
Chip Holcher
Chip Holcher
Outward Bound Hounds is phenomenal!!! I trust the team with my home and my dog. Those are two extremely important things to me. Outward Bound Hounds has been walking and watching my pup for over three years. Every year on my pups birthday, he is remembered and he gets a little gift and card. Very reliable, responsive and as important as everything else, caring. I highly recommend Outward Bound Hounds!




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