Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services


Meet and Greet

Embark on the Ultimate Pet Care Experience!

Before you embark on your pet care adventure with us, we invite you to book a meet and greet. This meeting is your ticket to meet your pet’s new best friend, chat about your furry friend’s special preferences, and set up your lockbox.

Initial Meeting $40  

Enjoy a discounted refresher meeting exclusively available to our valued existing clients. These visits are perfect for introducing our sitters to a new furry friend or getting acquainted with a substitute sitter.

Refresher Meeting $25

Dog Walking

Elevate Your Pup’s Daily Routine

Our daily walks offer your furry friend a delightful blend of adventure, exercise, and companionship. Now you can concentrate on your work in office or at home, knowing your energetic pup is well taken care of.  When you’re ready to spend time with your furry friend, you’ll be greeted by a content companion, making the end of your day all the more enjoyable!

Starting at $27/walk

Additional pets $5

In-Home Pet Sitting

Give Your Pets a Relaxing Stay-Cation Experience

Our vacation visit packages offer 2 or 3 daily visits filled with walks, meal times, play sessions, and plenty of snuggles. It’s the ideal choice for both your feline friends and canine companions, ensuring their happiness while you’re away.

30 min Visit $27

45 min Visit $37

60 min Visit $45

Additional pets $5

Small Animal Care by Outward Bound Hounds

Cat and Small Animal Sitting

Outward Bound Hounds is proud to offer care for not only pups, but many other types of pets!

We offer professional and caring services for a variety of pets, from cats to small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, hamsters, turtles, and more. Our comprehensive care package includes litter box maintenance, providing fresh food and water, administering most medications, bringing in mail/packages, and taking care of trash removal.

15-20 min visit | $23

One cat or small animal/cage. Perfect for pets that just need a quick litter box cleaning or bowl refresh but are happy with being alone.

30 min visit | $28

Perfect for cats or small animals who require a little engagement or cuddles while you are away.

45 min visit | $37

Excellent for cats or other small animals who prefer some extra company and some additional time for cleaning their litter box or cage. 

60 min visit | $45

Perfect for young kittens or cats that need more enrichment or prefer to not be alone all day. Good for other small animals who need some more time outside of their cage and socialization!

Puppy Potty Break

Congratulations on your new fur baby!

Tailor-made for the newest addition to your family, your precious puppy. Ideal for those who are not quite ready for extended leash walks, this short and sweet service provides essential care for your young pup’s needs and comfort.

  • Gentle Introduction: This brief outdoor experience helps your puppy become accustomed to the sights, sounds, and sensations of the outside world.

  • Potty Training Support: Regular bathroom breaks help establish a consistent potty routine, essential for successful house training.

  • Safety and Comfort: Our caregivers prioritize your puppy’s safety and well-being, ensuring a positive and reassuring experience.

Please contact for pricing.

Everything But The Sleepover

 This service offers your beloved pet two hours of uninterrupted attention in the evening. We’re back first thing in the morning for a delightful two-hour breakfast, a private mid-day walk, and some engaging playtime.

Benefits Include:

  • Evening Bliss: Your pet gets cozy and pampered for two hours, ensuring they have a peaceful night’s rest.

  • Morning Delights: A two hour breakfast visit kicks off their day, followed by a private mid-day walk to stretch their legs and a playful session for mental stimulation.

  • Your pet enjoys all the fun and attention without leaving the comfort of home.

  • Pet sitting for up to two pets – $170


  • $5 for each additional pet over two
overnight pet nanny services page

Overnight Pet Nanny

  • Treat your cherished companions to a dreamy staycation featuring an all-inclusive overnight retreat and personalized day-time pampering.

    Our overnight pet sitting services redefine luxury and transparency, tailored for those discerning fur-babies who crave human companionship throughout the night and attentive care during the day.

    What’s Included:

    • A lavish 12-hour overnight stay with your pets in the lap of comfort.
    • Pups are treated to morning, mid-day, and evening strolls, ensuring plenty of exercise, enriching games and fresh air.
    • AM and PM visits include meals and refreshments, with medication administered as required.
    • Daily litter box scooping or yard cleanup, ensuring a pristine environment.
    • House sitting services, include watering plants, the collection of mail, packages, and newspapers.
    • Trash and recycling handled with grace and discretion.
    • Light grooming sessions to keep your pets looking their absolute best.
    • Tidying up the living space, maintaining an impeccably clean and organized home.

    Our Commitment:

    • Focused and unwavering care from 8 PM to 8 AM, ensuring a restful night for both you and your pets.
    • Extensive, loving walks provided three times daily, recorded via GPS tracking for your peace of mind.
    • Daily communication updates, offering insight into your pet’s well-being.
    • Robust backup staff ready to step in during any unforeseen emergencies, providing an added layer of security.


    All of these opulent services are available at a flat rate of $250 per night, with no hidden fees. Give your pets the luxury they deserve, and let them revel in a lavish staycation that leaves tails wagging and hearts content.

If you’re ready to meet your pet’s new BFF, go ahead Book a Meet and Greet.

If you’d rather talk on the phone first, choose your preferred time, and we’ll call you!

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